Beyond Bling.

‘All that glitters is not gold.’

Beyond Bling is a contemporary, designer jewellery company which uses traditional techniques to create innovative pieces, combining precious metals with more unusual materials.

The designs are conceptual and for the most part handmade, each range based around a theme or idea. The concepts are inspired by thoughts emanating from the comically mundane through nature to life changing, awe inspiring moments.

All pieces are hand crafted, unique and of limited numbers. One off custom made pieces can be commissioned.

Simplicity is the basis of all designs, each piece is considered in terms of its context, form, texture and finish.

A blanket ‘bling’ finish and over emphasis on stones is not the only way jewellery can be worn.

  • Each item is individual, products are not mass produced.
  • Items not suitable for young children (due to choking hazard).